Kentucky Geological Society Honors Tennessee Oil Exec

Every year at this time we look around the state and compile a list of people, men and women, that exemplify the commitment to good stewardship and preservation of our natural resources as well as community service.  And for the first time in our many years we present this award to an oil company executive.   Why, you ask?   Why not.  After taking over the leases at the kettle creek dome area Jason Towe personally over saw a major cleanup effort that encompassed over 400 square acres,  At the time of his purchasing of the lease rights there were over 40 open and plugged wells that were in varying states of severe disrepair contaminating the ground water for the neighboring farms.  In the course of the last 23 months he has managed to not only bring all wells into compliance but he and his company located and plugged the well responsible for the area water contamination, in turn providing sources of water farms for drinking water, livestock, and irrigation. Along with his charitable foundation and ministry service show level of commitment to staying the course,and the will to do the right thing,  gifts  few possess, and for that we chose Jason Towe our Kentucky Geological Society, Honorary  Stewardship award.


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